Who says communication service providers can’t enjoy a good, old-fashioned Dos and Don’ts list? Here are 4 golden Dos and Don’ts to help CSPs adapt to shifting customer classifications like Enterprise and B2B.

  • DO rethink customer segmentation: The monetization of experiential – and sensory – interactions demands a deeper understanding of business processes within enterprises, and specifically how people work. While CSPs shouldn’t expect to become industrial productivity experts, they should understand the relative digital needs of different kinds of employees in key occupations.
  • DO address ‘things’: The same trends which will drive new approaches to customer segmentation (i.e. flexible personas, Internet of Things) will make it necessary for the savvy CSP to prioritize the ‘things’ which will need to be connected in order to support a more efficient use of human resources.
  • DON'T ignore freelancers and SoHos: Solopreneurs and micro firms are becoming an important demographic category in their own right. By default, they are often the remit of a consumer division, but will increasingly need special handling. Indeed, these types of workers are destined to dominate some economies in a relatively short period of time. Keep in mind that this category includes not only low-skilled manual workers, but also skilled and ICT-reliant knowledge workers. Furthermore, many will be startups – and capturing them young is a smart move.
  • DON'T rely on your current cost-to-serve: CSPs need an adaptable operational infrastructure that can address a wider range of organizations with radically different customer lifetime value. NFV and SDN are part of the Telco’s’ economic transformation, but more needs to be done in other operational practices.

The times are changing, and few industries know that better than CSPs. Keeping these ideas in mind will ensure your business develops in step with industry developments.

Download our whitepaper about the changing CSP market to learn more and share the information with coworkers and clients alike.

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Hillel is the marketing manager for Amdocs’ B2B offering. In his 15 years of marketing and strategy management for communication service providers and other companies, he was responsible for marketing strategy, brand positioning and awareness and the creation and execution of marketing initiatives and campaigns.

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