Optimizing price-to-quote processes is a crucial step for generating revenue from the growing B2B segment. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of where CPQ tends to go wrong and costs organizations money.

  1. Configuration. The salesperson may misunderstand the customer’s needs and give an incorrect quote. This results in delays, customer frustration and additional costs.
  2. Pricing. Even when it isn’t manual, pricing is often inflexible and inaccurate, and therefore uncompetitive.
  3. Quote. Quotes are often done manually as well, and are structured in ways that are hard for the customer to understand. 
  4. Order. Once customers make an order, the ensuing sales process is detached from CPQ and depends on manual intervention, causing expensive inefficiencies and more chances for errors.
  5. Integration, or lack thereof, between the CPQ and order-to-cash processes creates customer dissatisfaction regarding order delivery and discord regarding when to activate SLAs.


To learn more about optimizing CPQ for B2B revenue, download our CPQ whitepaper.

Hillel is the marketing manager for Amdocs’ B2B offering. In his 15 years of marketing and strategy management for communication service providers and other companies, he was responsible for marketing strategy, brand positioning and awareness and the creation and execution of marketing initiatives and campaigns.

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