What do you want to be when you grow up? If you asked this question of today’s communication service providers, you might hear responses like “I want to be like Google, Apple or Amazon”. Consumers’ transactions will be shaped by their smartphones, so tomorrow’s digital service providers will be required to make a substantial transformation in order to be able to create a new, higher level of customer experience similar to one of these huge companies.

One of the assets all mega vendors have is digital identity: a username and password that provide a gateway to a user’s personal information. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba understand that they need to become well acquainted with their users in order to help them purchase and consume digital goods how and when they want them.

Let’s look at another industry to get some context. For a mobile based company, it is the SIM/phone number that identifies a user. In that network, the IMSI number that is attached to the SIM card is used for the user identification and entitlements, while the billing is implemented on the user’s telephone number.

Meanwhile, in MSOs – the cable companies – the transactions are still completed based on the identification that comes from one’s home address. This address was originally the basis for feasibility, serviceability and entitlements. While this might have been satisfactory for the technology of 30 years ago, we live in a different era when it comes to identifying ourselves as consumers. Therefore, service providers that want to be the future one stop shop digital platform for their subscribers will have to make a transformation.

The Digital Service Providers of the future must maintain the digital identity asset in order to improve the user experience in the following areas:

• Providing user centric personalization                                  

• Providing the user with a means to self-manage their entitlements.

Taking this transformation to digital identity is by no means an easy step, but it can be accomplished with the right partner.  For more information about this journey, check out our whitepaper: Digital Identity: Fly Beyond Authentication and Authorization.

Alon is a product marketing manager at Amdocs, with over 16 years of experience in the communications IT industry. He is responsible for creating awareness, positioning and bringing to market Amdocs’ portfolio solutions. This role includes defining the business strategy and direction and encompasses new offering development, innovative technology and market insight.

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