In today’s evolving digital advertising space, subscriber data is the currency across mobile, web, TV and beyond. Service providers own the “Treasure Box” – subscribers’ 1st party data – which advertisers are willing to pay big bucks for. Personal identity data is today’s advertising currency as it increases the targeting capabilities of each subscriber and their value for advertisers. This creates an immediate opportunity for operators to monetize new channels by using an enriched customer profile combining relevant 1st and 3rd party data for interactive targeted ads, increasing engagement and affinity.

We know that consumers deeply care about their personal data and how it is used. In a global consumer survey done in 42 countries, 42% of the people answered that it is very critical to know that their provider keeps consumer personal data in a place that is private and secure (see chart below). We also see a trend of regulations, like those in Europe that issued an updated security and privacy policy such as the GDPR that will go into effect in May of 2018.

Communication service providers believe that it is not enough to be branded as a digital provider but also considered to be a trusted and secured digital provider. So far CSPs have won the public trust, at a level even ahead of financial organizations and banks. This could end up being a small window of opportunity, open until a major security breach happens. So in order to meet privacy requirements and take advantage of the trust that has been earned up until now, CSPs will need to identify who the user is and make sure they have consent for any action that has to do with his/her personal data.

(CHART:  Level of trust across industries)

For a full report on the potential benefits of digital identity for service providers, check out our whitepaper: Digital Identity: Fly Beyond Authentication and Authorization.

Alon is a product marketing manager at Amdocs, with over 16 years of experience in the communications IT industry. He is responsible for creating awareness, positioning and bringing to market Amdocs’ portfolio solutions. This role includes defining the business strategy and direction and encompasses new offering development, innovative technology and market insight.

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