Lately we are seeing two trends in the telecom industry:

  1. The marketplace trend: In the “good ol’ days” companies used the value chain to create an eco-system platform to sell goods.  Now we see companies that provide digital platforms to create a market place to consumers. It started with Amazon, eBay and Ali Express providing platforms to sell goods, and it continues with Uber and Air B&B selling services. We also see Amazon planning to launch a new market place to sell digital subscriptions services.
  2. Can the service provider make the transition and change into a digital one stop shop? How are they going to interact with their digital partners? What will be their business model? Are they going to develop a platform that enables a marketplace? With all these questions in mind I am hoping to find some answers at the TMForum live event. Hearing scheduled lectures like “The Future of Platforms and Platform Business Models” or “Developing a Platform Strategy” and learning about “Orange catalyst, The Digital and Interactive One-Stop Shop”, I am looking forward to the collaboration and making this digital transition a success.

Are you attending TM Forum? Email me if you are interested in meeting!

This article was contributed by Hadar Sharon, Product Manager, Amdocs Technology. 

Alon is a product marketing manager at Amdocs, with over 16 years of experience in the communications IT industry. He is responsible for creating awareness, positioning and bringing to market Amdocs’ portfolio solutions. This role includes defining the business strategy and direction and encompasses new offering development, innovative technology and market insight.

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