In our last blog we discussed what various CSPs are most happy with regarding their product management performance. But PLM satisfaction can also be categorized according to region. Here’s some geographical statistics:


  • Only 27% of CSPs in this region are satisfied with the time it takes them to go from the testing stage to the launching stage (compared to the global average of 41%). They’re also less likely to be satisfied with the cost entailed in the process (18% in EMEA are satisfied, compared to 28% globally).
  • HOWEVER, this region is more likely to be satisfied with the reliability of their product launches (55% vs 38% globally) and with their product retirement abilities (45% versus 31%).


  • Every single CSP surveyed from NAR was satisfied with their monitoring for product performance (compared to 63% of CSPs worldwide). They’re also more confident in their abilities to test a products’ success (57% versus 38% globally).

  • But CSPs in NAR are relatively unsatisfied with their product launch reliability (14% rather than the global 38%) and with their product volume (14% compared to 34% globally), cost of launch (14% versus 28%), and speed of launch (14% versus 22%).


  • CSPs in this region are much more satisfied with their ability to bring product lifecycles full circle from test to rollout (86% versus 41% worldwide). They’re also much more satisfied with their products’ reliability during launch (71% versus 38%), as well as with their overall control of their PLM process (71% are satisfied, compared to 44% globally).
  • However, AIPAC CSPs are less satisfied in their speed to launch products, even though they actually have a faster time to market than any other region.


  • There was a high level of dissatisfaction with all aspects of the PLM process – suggesting this is a region determined to do better across the product lifecycle. None of the operators in this region are satisfied with how reliably or fast a product can be rolled out, their ability to test the likely uptake of the product, or their ability to retire the product reliably.
  • The highest level of satisfaction was with the cost of launching a product (29%) which is fairly consistent with the global average (28%).

For the full comparison by region:


To learn more about various CSPs’ PLM performance, download our whitepaper.


Inbar brings more than 15 years of broad-based and enriched marketing experience to Amdocs. She is the product marketing manager for the Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog (MEC), and is also responsible for creating awareness, positioning, market strategy and bringing Amdocs’ Portfolio solutions to the market.

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