It is critical that your digital transformation project be successful, so take the time to research what other companies and experts are experiencing out there in the trenches.  We have collected the following articles from around the web to build up your knowledge and guide you on the way.

Key Leadership Strategies

If your company is looking to make a successful digital transformation, you need the right leadership strategy to make it happen.  According to CIO Magazine, there are four key leadership strategies that are all necessary for the transformation you are about to make.

Making the DevOps Journey

For an established organization, the DevOps journey can be a long one filled with surprises and challenges.  Learning from those who have made the journey will help you avoid the obstacles.  This award-winning consultant has worked with over 100 companies establishing their DevOps and IT modernization strategies, and presents Seven Steps to Successful and Sustainable DevOps Transformation.

DevOps Tips for your Organization

DevOps not working at your organization?  Here are some possible reasons why, and what you can do about it. 

Focus Your Squinties on this One

Here is a case study of the UK retailer Specsavers, and how the eyeglass store managed their road to digital transformation.  After starting to work with Fujitsu, they were able to reduce the amount of critical legacy platforms they were using from 2,500 to five or six.  There’s is an interesting story of how they brought online and in-store technology to their store associates and customers.

Future Technology Models

What will be the required technologies of the future?  In this interview, Dion Hinchcliffe, industry analyst and ZDNet columnist talks about the latest models of digital transformation and what he expects to be the next developments in workplace collaboration.

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