The concept of Digital Transformation is the modern version of Shangri-La, the earthly paradise written about by James Hilton, in the book Lost Horizon, in 1933.  A place where happiness and immortality are a given part of life, and people are free of the concerns that plague the world that exists in reality.  Similarly, the concept of Digital Transformation could make our workplace a place to thrive and be productive, with happy customers connecting with us through technology that takes the stress out of all interactions. 

Well, Shangri-La doesn’t exist, but CSPs still want to find this happy place at work through digital technology.  And some companies have noticed that they can lower cost, achieve greater agility, and improve customer experience by automating processes like the management of network applications; utilizing big data and analytics to model network health; and implementing master product catalogues.  Once you decide on the direction to take your company, it is important to get EVERYBODY, on every level, on board with the changes.  Digital Transformation is not just about upgrading technology, it is about changing the entire corporate identity.

To get started, you need to do the right research.  Recently, IDC came out with a whitepaper titled Put the Transformation in Digital Transformation that gives CSPs an excellent overview on digital transformation and how to effect such a change at their organization.  To begin with, you need to create an urgency within the company to make the change, from the top management to the entire employee base.  Then it is a matter of deciding which business and technology changes are necessary and how to address those changes. Get your copy of this helpful IDC whitepaper here, and even though it might be a long road to Digital Transformation, it could end up being right next to Shangri-La!  

Idit Aloni is a passionate Customer Experience marketer who enjoys spreading CX gospel. Idit has spent the last decade consulting and leading CX transformation initiatives in large organizations in Israel and at Vodafone New Zealand. As she works with industry influencers, her passion is finding new ways to build exceptional Customer and Employee Experiences.

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