Every company has their own concept and definition of digital transformation. We can broadly define this term as a new direction that a company takes using technology, implemented to the extent that a measurable improvement has been made in that company’s business process or processes.  The top companies have combined digital technology with strong leadership, which will then turn the technology into transformation.  The typical end result of achieving digital transformation is enhancing and improving customer experience with a measurable improvement.

Let’s go back to our first sentence, where every company should have their own idea of digital transformation and how it should help their business.  Every operator has their own specific set of requirements and goals to reach through technology:  Is it to speed up processes for your customers or internal processes for your development team?  To enable collaboration across your entire ecosystem?  To provide customers a consistent experience every time they come into contact with your company?  These are all respectable goals, but since customers have many options for their ICT services, a successful business must continue to improve customer experience. The bottom line is this:  The way you design your customer experience will be the heart of your transformation journey.

After defining what digital transformation should mean to your company, you begin the process of effecting that change starting with the management and getting the support and feedback from the employees that will all be a part of the transition.  We would like to recommend a whitepaper from IDC that breaks down the stages of adoption for digital transformation for CSPs, focusing on the business changes that need to be made.  The whitepaper can be downloaded here, and it will hopefully provide the insight necessary to move on to the next step in your company transformation.

Idit Aloni is a passionate Customer Experience marketer who enjoys spreading CX gospel. Idit has spent the last decade consulting and leading CX transformation initiatives in large organizations in Israel and at Vodafone New Zealand. As she works with industry influencers, her passion is finding new ways to build exceptional Customer and Employee Experiences.

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