Three prerequisites for Digital Transformation:

  • Change the way you think
  • Change what you offer
  • Change how you offer it

If you thought Digital Transformation was just about making everything simple and available on mobile, you’re missing the revolution.

A digitally transformed service provider thinks, acts and interacts differently.


In this interview with Marc Smith, Group Editor, European Communications & Mobile Europe that took place at Mobile World Congress in February, Amdocs’ Rami Schwartz, President, Product Business Group, shares a simple, familiar experience that gives a taste of what a digital experience can, should and will look like.

Imagine you need to upgrade your cable Set Top Box. Today you call your operator and schedule a technician’s visit. On the appointed day you hang around, scared to leave the house, hoping that the technician will turn up more or less on schedule, with the right equipment.

Now picture a digital experience. You choose the technician you want from a selection of appropriately qualified professionals based on parameters like technicians you already know, how the technician’s availability matches your schedule and ratings they have received. On the appointed day, you receive updates on the technician’s location so you know if you have time to pick the kids up from school before he arrives. And once the technician has gone, you provide ratings and comments, which you can share on social media.

Watch Rami’s interview to hear more about how Amdocs CES 10 accelerates service providers’ journey to digital transformation, as well as how Amdocs CES 10 helps service providers to rapidly deploy and monetize solutions for multi-play, entertainment, enterprise customers and commerce.


Michael Isaacs has been involved in the communications industry for over 20 years, spending the last five with responsibility for marketing Amdocs’ extensive portfolio of communications industry offerings. When not running after his six kids, Michael is the guy connecting the dots to get a holistic view of industry challenges and opportunities.

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