One day, when historians look back at the early part of this millennium, they’ll note the huge technological advances we made, and how the world evolved from separated people and places to a single connected world. But I wonder if they will take note of the demise of patience. Will they realize that as part of this super-interconnected world, humankind’s ability to wait for something was lost? Regardless of whether the historians take note, service providers looking to last into the next millennium must realize that we are deep into the on-demand era. Customer expectations have changed, and there’s no going back to those quaint days when one could wait hours for a video to download through their phone modem. It’s time for communications, cable, entertainment and media service providers to embrace the digital immediacy of our time. Which is why we’re introducing Amdocs CES 10.1.

Amdocs CES 10.1 enhances our previous CES 10 offering. We’ve accelerated Digital, building in real-time contextualization, artificial intelligence, and flexible interactive billing options. We’re delivering multimodal engagement tools such as chatbots to help you get personal with your customers, understand what they need at the moment they need them, and provide the products, services and rapid resolution of issues they require to satisfy those needs.

Amdocs CES 10.1 also allows you to accelerate your cloud and IT modernization programs. Utilizing our design-led thinking, public cloud-based solutions and real-time data streaming, your IT department will experience increased agility, elasticity, high availability, and perhaps most importantly, reduced cost of ownership. We’ve also launched Microservices360, a microservice architecture implementation program, designed to allow you to move away from monolith applications, and instead build application and software elements in smaller chunks.

And of course, we’ve continued to develop and accelerate hybrid network enablement. Our hybrid network orchestration and fulfillment platform provides an end-to-end service lifecycle management tool for hybrid networks, as you move forward on your NFV journey.

As a service provider, you have two choices. You can wistfully wish for the return of patience, sitting at the sideline and missing the opportunities of the digital world. Or, you can embrace the world as it is, and join in its digital transformation. With Amdocs CES 10.1, you’re in good hands on the journey to tomorrow.

Discover more about what Amdocs CES 10.1 has to offer, and how it is driving the digital transformation.

Arye keeps close tabs on the communications industry as he manages Amdocs social media presence. His blogs have appeared in newspapers around the world, and while he is passionate about creating engagement with strangers online, his true love is his wife and three children. Arye has worked in the communications IT arena since 2006.

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